Diseñador gráfico de consultas MDX para el Generador Dinámico de Reportes v2.0


Daynelis Brito Morales Carlos Fortún Manzano


The University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) is working on the development of several projects aimed at computerization of main processes of Cuban society. Being part of this group of projects is the Dynamic Generator of Reports v2.0 (GDR) that arises as strategy traced by the Center of Technologies of Data Administration (DATEC). In this project a tool was developed with the same name that it allows, leaving of persistent information in some origin of data, to generate reports in a dynamic way to support decision making. At the moment the functionalities that possesses the MDX Query editor with which counts GDR v2.0 don't allow to the users that lack knowledge on this language a simple edition of MDX querys. The present diploma work has as main objective to develop a Graphic designer of MDX querys for GDR v2.0 that facilitates this task. With the study carried out on the existent query designers in Cuba and in the world was defined the basic structure and main functionalities of a graphic query designer. Model View Controller architecture was defined as system architecture and OpenUp as software methodology to guide the development process, as well as the various tools and technologies used in the development of the solution. Was defined a test strategy being choosen the test levels of unit, acceptance and integration, as well as the test types functional and acceptance, and the selected test method was black box with the equivalent partition technique, everything with the objective of to find and correct possible errors.